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Pennzane® Product Description

Pennzane® Synthesized Hydrocarbon Fluid X2000 is a patented saturated hydrocarbon specially designed and manufactured for applications requiring an extremely low volatility oil. Pennzane® X2000 (ISO Grade 100) has vapor pressure comparable to perfluoropolyether lubricants, while maintaining the optical properties, lubricity, and additive solubility of hydrocarbons.

Pennzane® Product Development

As a member of the multiply-alkylated cyclopentanes (MAC's) Pennzane® X2000 is especially suitable for outerspace to provide superior lubrication with extremely low outgassing. The X2000 along with the other family of fluids can be customized to address your specific lubrication challenge. A team of highly specialized scientists and tribologists will focus on your specific requirements. We desire to partner with our customers to get the job done beyond what has previously been available in the marketplace.

Pennzane® Applications

Pennzane® X2000 can be used in any application requiring a low volatility hydrocarbon. It is especially suitable for lubrication in vacuum environments such as those found in satellites and vacuum fabrication facilities as well as applications requiring no condensables, such as computers and precision instruments. The utility of Pennzane® X2000 can be extended by adding typical hydrocarbon additives, such as extreme pressure agents, antiwear agents and antioxidants.

Pennzane® Fluids are manufactured by Shell Global Solutions

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Pennzane Fluids are manufactured by Shell Global Solutions